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The dial richard mille mclaren line proportion is just right, the silver-plated sun ray texture decoration and the neat solid gold hour mark highlight the operation of the hour and minute hands and the public display: the 1 hour and a half position is the date display, and the month display at the 7 o'clock position constitutes the almanac system. As long as the crown is adjusted once a year in February, the rest of the year is the correct date.

The 4 o'clock position of the dial is astronomical time difference display. This function is driven by a cam that rotates once a year, showing the difference between the civil time and the real solar time. In reality, the daily time of the watch There is a slight difference in the true solar time. Only four times a year are completely consistent. The difference in the remaining days is about +/- 15 minutes, and the difference in November is up to 16 minutes.

There is no electricity supply in the era of the three-question timekeeping function. In the dark environment at night, you need to know the time. The time for the three-question time can be reported, the hour and the minute.

Today, the three-question time fake richard mille is the most connoisseur of the watch. One of the complex features of appreciation. The fine-tuning of the timekeeping system is very precise, and only the senior watchmakers can control it with skillful hands, making the time sound more crisp and sweet. GP Girard-Perregaux's timekeeping system is the result of careful research and development of sound technology. In particular, the three elements of the case structure are the key to improving the sound quality of the timekeeping: one is that the inside diameter of the case perfectly matches the movement. The best resonance effect is provided; the second is that the micro-curved back can increase the amount of air between the movement and the case to produce a better tone, and the third is that the inside of the case is polished by diamonds to reduce the acoustic interference.

Crystal glass watch back perspective manual refining movement exquisite workmanship: half arrow-shaped balance wheel splint shape is reminiscent of the most representative gold bridge splint design of Girard-Perregaux, showing the excellent craft tradition and aesthetics of Girard-Perregaux Touch.

Technical specifications
Polished rose gold case and anti-glare crystal glass
Bezel: satin polished bezel
Diameter: 42 mm
Mirror: curved anti-glare crystal glass mirror
Dial: brass dial, 5N18K rose gold hour markers
Pointer: 5N18K rose gold leaf shape, rod shape and arrow-shaped pointer, each pointer is treated with diamond powder coating
Crown: 5N18K rose gold crown with GP logo
Back: crystal glass case back, 6 screws set in dense, hand carved
Waterproof depth: replica swiss watches 30 meters
Diameter: 14 1/4 method
Swing frequency: 21,600 times per hour (3 Hz)
Power reserve: 100 hours (4 days) or more
Gems: 48
Parts: 419
Base plate: rhodium-plated treatment, fish scale polishing
Splint: Geneva stripe polished, polished chamfer
Balance splint: gold half arrow shaped splint
Balance wheel: variable inertia balance
Timing system: two relative hammers when knocking out, engraving and minute; the tapping frequency is adjusted by the governor; the buffer spring is visible from the side of the splint; the inverted toothed bar, the traditional consonant pitch
Function: hour, minute, small second hand, minute repeater, almanac, astronomical time difference display
Brown alligator strap with rose gold pin buckle
No.: 99651-52-131-BKBA
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