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No test at the combine translates better to the football field better than the three cone drill." NFL CombinePanthers 2019 NFL DraftThe three cone drill is the NFL Combine’s most important drillNew Julius Peppers Jersey ,11commentsNo test at the combine translates better to the football field better than the three cone drill.ESTEveryone has their favorite drill at the NFL combine, but the ones that usually are talked about the most are actually some of the least effective in evaluating many positions. The 40 yard dash, for example, is mostly just a bragging rights competition between primarily defensive backs and wide receivers. Rarely does anyone get to really just open up and sprint on the field DJ Moore Color Rush Jersey , and who knows if they are as fast as they looked in underwear when they have all that heavy gear on.For most positions, the drills that test short range agility are the ones that really come into play in a game situation. The ability to quickly change direction while maintaining your balance and displaying explosiveness in your lower body are the things tested most often play to play. While some of these drills have measurable results, others do not and exist purely as tape for scouts to watch. The three cone drill provides a nice tidy time that gives scouts a rough estimate into how well an athlete can put it all together.For those not familiar with the drill, here is a short video of a few prospects performing it.As you can probably gleam from the video James Color Rush Bradberry Jersey , this drill is universally useful. For offensive and defensive linemen, it represents a display of explosiveness and balance, particularly important for edge rushers and the tackles that must guard against them. For defensive backs, linebackers Ian Thomas Jersey , and offensive skill players it shows their agility and burst acceleration, important for route running and getting out of breaks, as well as closing speed to defend.All of the movements you see above directly translate to the field in some way for every single position. Analysts use the term “game speed” or “functional strength” a lot when talking about how a guy works out versus how he performs, and this is the closest you will get in the combine to quantifying such a thing.So while everyone will talk about which wide receiver or running back got the closest to cracking the 4.2 barrier in the 40 yard dash Curtis Samuel Color Rush Jersey , but still didn’t beat Bo Jackson’s all-time 4.13 mark, i’ll be most interested in which linemen can run in circles the fastest. In a season full of injury replacements, the Panthers have another one to worry about on their offensive line.Left tackle Chris Clark was a new name on their report Thursday, held out of practice with a knee injury.Panthers coach Ron Rivera said that he hoped Clark would be available for Monday’s game against the Saints Daeshon Hall Jersey , with their season on the line.“Today we wanted to give him a little rest and see how he is,” Rivera said, via the team’s official website. “We’ll see how he responds to the work he did on the side. We expect him to be ready to roll.”The Panthers signed Clark off the street after the opener, and he’s started all 12 games for them since. The 33-year-old has spent time with the Texans Trai Turner Color Rush Jersey , Broncos, Vikings, and Buccaneers. If he can’t play, they’d likely turn to veteran backup Marshall Newhouse.The Panthers put both starting tackles (Matt Kalil and Daryl Williams) on injured reserve before the start of the season Taylor Moton Jersey , though the makeshift group played well for a stretch (12 sacks through the first eight weeks, 13 in the five weeks since).

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