how do I print
how do I print my floorplan?

posted Nov-12-2019 @ 16:53 by Harry's Catering
Surely you need to send a file with a picture of your floor plan for printing. Sometimes there can be problems with this, then you should change the image extension to a printable one.

posted Oct-4-2021 @ 04:26 by Qawwe
Yes, most likely the problem is that your file has an extension that your printer does not accept. You only need to change the file format and I think you should be able to do that without any problem. If you don't know which program is better to use for this, then I can advise you a free one. Here you will find Movavi to Converter, which will help you change the image extension so that you can open it in the program and send it to print in the size you need.

posted Oct-4-2021 @ 04:41 by Nooornoory